Detail of scultpure created by Xerocraft members.


Sell your own (or your group’s) work at Maketopolis! It can be one-of-a-kind or reproductions of your work, as well as works commissioned by special order.

Registration: via Eventbrite

Requirements: Commercial exhibitors may request larger spaces  or preferential locations. Vendors will be provided with space, but must provide their own tables and chairs.  Tables and chairs may be rented for a small fee but must be reserved a week in advance.  110 volt power is available in some locations but must be requested as part of the application.  Larger power needs must be coordinated ahead of time. 

Provided: Vendor space will be an 8′ to 10′ wide space that is 10′ to 12′ deep depending on location. Spaces in the Franklin Docks lot (Central) will be open space on pavement, and the north spaces will be inside the Steinfeld Warehouse (Xerocraft) on 8′ centers.  Xerocraft and the Franklin Docks lot  have  limited power available to the spaces.  Canopies can be used in the South and Central lots but may be tight inside the Steinfeld Warehouse.