Call to Participate

Call to Participate

Maketopolis 2015 Call for Participants

Tucson’s first celebration of its maker community is about to get underway and We Want You!  We want this event to be a way for people, families and kids to get exposed to the joy and making things, but we can’t do it without you to come show, teach, and demonstrate what you have made.

Do you have a project, invention, or artistic skill that you would like to show off?  Are you supporting area creatives and hobbyists with supplies, materials, or services?  Do you make unique, handcrafted art or technology for sale? Do you have an interest in art or technology-related performance or presentation that people would like to see? We want to bring together creative people of all types in Southern Arizona to celebrate and encourage the continued growth of “make-it-yourself” culture here.

We are looking to fill three venues for a day-long, family-friendly festival of creativeness and geekery, of fun and educational presentations.

As a Maker are you:

An Exhibitor (demo only) – Showing off your work and displaying your skill and expertise as;

  • an individual
  • a club or school based group
  • a nonprofit group
  • a professional artist, crafter, or builder

A Performer (non-musical) or a Speaker

Do you have an art, craft, or technology-related performance or presentation? There is room for you too.

A Musician – Local band, musical group, singer or DJ

Do you want to rock Maketopolis with your local flare? Do you want to get your foot in the door to have your unique sound heard on KMKR Radio? We want YOU!

A Vendor – selling work that has been made by you or your group and is:

  • Individual, unique pieces for sale at Maketopolis
  • Reproduction of your work made by you
  • Your original commissioned work for sale by special order

A Supplier – Representing a company or business providing commodity materials and/or services to the the creative community

  • Art/hobby/craft/builder-targeted commercial tools and materials (locally available)
  • A local source for raw materials and components for making and building things
  • Custom component manufacturers
  • Educational and training resources for creatives

A Sponsor – An individual or organization that believes in the goals promoting Tucson and Southern Arizona’s innovative, exciting and dynamic creative community and can help provide resources and support to assure the success of Maketopolis Tucson.  A dynamic wave of innovation is sweeping America at the dawn of the 21st-Century, and Tucson is at the forefront with a unique mix of arts, technology, and business incubation.  Maketopolis is an arts, crafts and technology affair that is designed to be a showcase of existing developments, Maker resources, support networks and great ideas.  Maketopolis is looking for Sponsors, Supporters, and Mentors to help make the Southern Arizona community become even more fertile and well-connected.