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Maker Profile: Tinker Cosplay


Maketopolis is out of the workshop and into the world tomorrow, May 2nd. One of the many attractions this year is the costume makers and cosplayers who will dress up for the love of bringing their fictional heroes from television and comic to life for others to enjoy. Gilbert and Gabriel Espino are brothers who share the love of creating ... Read More »

Maker Profile: Tucson Games and Gadgets


Maketopolis 2015 and KMKR Radio Benefit is right around the corner. Another presenter this year is Tucson Games and Gadgets, which sells board games, card games, dice game miniatures and pop culture merchandise at 2900 East Broadway Blvd. TG&G’s Mark Kadow says his biggest influences are the role-playing games companies Fantasy Flight Games and Alderac Entertainment Group. His hope at ... Read More »

Musician Profile: John White


John White will bring his guitar and singing skills to this year’s Maketopolis. In addition to the guitar, John also plays the banjo. He’s played in Boston and Chicago and closer to home at Phoenix and 4th Ave. He counts among his influences old time music, swing and blues. White is also a music teacher. He has taught privately on ... Read More »

Maker Profile: Jocelynne Weathers & Lady-in-Waiting Fashions

2013 Jocelynne Final-3-S

The Victorian era is a major influence on the steampunk style; a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates the aesthetics of nineteenth century steam engine technology. The tophats, monocles and walking canes all bring to mind that time of British prosperity and romanticist influence. But probably no other fashion piece recalls the age of Queen Victoria’s reign better than the corset: ... Read More »

Maker Profile: David Forbes & Cathode Corner


Local teacher and maker David Forbes will present his varied gadgets at Maketopolis on May 2nd. David displays his creations and hack tutorials on his website, Cathode Corner. Among Forbes’s builds are his notorious Loud Bike, which you may have heard if you’ve been anywhere near downtown in the past few years. It’s a leopard-print bicycle with a 300W sound ... Read More »

Musician Profile: Doctor Sleep


I’m really excited to play in front of a diverse audience and for people who are interested in DIY.  When I started Doctor Sleep one of my goals was to use equipment that is inexpensive and accessible.  My entire setup costs less than a laptop. Music is a major component of Maketopolis 2015. And music made by unconventional, hacked-together means ... Read More »

Maker Profile: Southern Arizona Model Engineers


One of the many clubs appearing at 2015’s Maketopolis is the Southern Arizona Model Engineers (SAME), a group of about 70 members with a common fascination with technology from modern day astronomy to steam engines of yesteryear. Their interests span a large range from stonework and steam boats to Erector set restoration and watch making. SAME member William May says, ... Read More »

Concert Tickets on sale NOW!


You can now purchase your ticket for the KMKR Radio Benefit, taking place right after Maketopolis, online right now! Just click the “Radio Fundraiser” button on the right to purchase or click here. Music will be a part of the entire Maketopolis fair, but start at 6pm the transition from fair to full-on concert blowout begins. The music and dance ... Read More »

Maketopolis is Back in 2015


Maketopolis is coming back! Tucson’s fair for makers will return for the 2nd Annual Maketopolis on May 2, 2015. The fair will take place at Xerocraft Hackerspace and the Franklin Dock. In addition to the maker fair, there will be a benefit fundraiser for the construction of KMKR-FM, K-Maker Radio! You see, Xerocraft was recently awarded a permit from the ... Read More »

Greetings from the Gentleman Robot

The Gentleman Robot welcomes you

The Gentleman Robot sends his kind regards! The Gentleman is the creation of Sabrina and John Floyd, who, along with Mark Weller and Paul Martell, are the owners of the Steampunk Artisan group, The Foundry. Members of the Foundry specialize in collaborative projects as well as creating their own character driven props and costumes.  When they aren’t creating new Steampunk ... Read More »